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In human life, nature is the most valuable asset, it has endowed us with beautiful, majestic scenes, fresh environments and also peaceful sounds from animals, especially animals – Birds.

AUTHOR of Webiste: Dang Thuong
AUTHOR of Webiste: Dang Thuong

So we can see that it is very happy and fortunate when nature gives people good and beneficial things. Therefore, in life, we must live close to and in harmony with nature, and we must know how to protect the environment.

Living in a natural environment, birds also have many beautiful features with diverse songs with different species. And especially for bird lovers, this animal will become more beautiful than ever.

The purpose of our website

My name is Dang Thuong , Founder of this website. Understanding their feelings, American Birding Expo was born as a website to share as well as provide you with detailed information about the characteristics and properties of each bird.

Watching birds fly in the sky gives us a feeling of peace. But in fact today not everyone has a love for nature with animals to protect them with the best living environment. It was also the inspiration for the American Birding Expo to appear.

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The purpose we write about birds is not only to provide knowledge to people, but we always believe that they are fragile, beautiful and peaceful symbols of nature. By sharing honestly about the beauty of birds, we hope it will be an endless source of inspiration to convey to people the love of nature, so that they can join hands to protect the natural environment.

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American Birding Expo aims at human values, to connect bird enthusiasts who are willing to share and actively protect the environment.

The information we provide is based on experiences, actual observations and synthesis of bird research knowledge. The American Birding Expo promises to be the most informative website about many different bird species in the world so that enthusiasts will find the most detailed information they need to look for about birds. Hopefully this site will also be the starting point for your passions.

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