As you may have heard, American Birding Expo founder and Bird Watcher’s Digest editor/publisher Bill Thompson, III, succumbed to pancreatic cancer on March 25, 2019.

While the team at Bird Watcher’s Digest is well-equipped to keep this birding lifestyle company moving right along, we recognize the need for each Expo to be the most successful one yet. This year, it would be difficult to pull off a record-breaking Expo without Bill’s dynamism and connections. There will be no 2019 American Birding Expo, although Bird Watcher’s Digest, Watching Backyard Birds, BirdWire, Reader Rendezvous, Redstart Birding, and all our other endeavors will continue. We invite you to learn more about these publications and programs at

We are in the earliest stages of planning an American Birding Expo in future years. Stay tuned for information about it and all the exciting things we have in store.


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