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My name is Dang Thuong , Founder of this website. Understanding their feelings, American Birding Expo was born as a website to share as well as provide you with detailed information about the characteristics and properties of each bird.

American Birding Expo is the best American birding website. On my website, readers can fully access our articles about Birding, Birds by State and Types of Birds. Let’s subscribe website to receive other interesting articles that only for you.

The information we provide is based on experiences, actual observations and synthesis of bird research knowledge. The American Birding Expo promises to be the most informative website about many different bird species in the world so that enthusiasts will find the most detailed information they need to look for about birds. Hopefully this site will also be the starting point for your passions.

Dang Thuong - Founder
Dang Thuong – Founder

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